HyGenius Ionic Toothbrush

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Introducing a revolutionary toothbrush, HyGenius, that generates negative ions and polarizes the plaque fluid to loosen & repel plaque and bacteria. The result is cleaner teeth, less plaque, and fresher breath. The body's energy starts the circuitry and users "See the Light" while they are brushing. It is a unique brushing experience.

  • Cleaner Teeth
  • Less Plaque
  • Fresher Breath

Disclaimer: The HyGenius toothbrush is not intended to prevent, cure or treat any medical condition. If you have any electronic implanted medical device, a cardiac pacemaker, a defibrillator, severe heart disease, epilepsy, or seizures, then you should NOT use the HyGenius toothbrush. Children should NOT use HyGenius. The toothbrush is not a toy. Do not use HyGenius if you are pregnant. Do not use HyGenius if you have piercings on your tongue or lips. Please remove these piercings before use.