Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an on/off switch?
  • HyGenius is powered by the human body's energy. By holding the
    electrode on the handle and brushing with toothpaste, an LED light will
    illuminate and the device is automatically activated while brushing.
Do all colors work the same?
  • Yes
Is this product safe?
  • Yes. HyGenius has built-in electronics that adhere to a high level of
    quality and safety standards.
Is this product recyclable?
  • Yes. Please follow local recycling guidelines for electronic devices with batteries.
Is there an age restriction?
  • HyGenius is for healthy individuals (ages 16 & older).
Are there restrictions on who can use this product?
  • If you have any electronic implanted medical device, a cardiac
    pacemaker, a defibrillator, severe heart disease, epilepsy, or seizures,
    then you should NOT use the HyGenius toothbrush.
  • Children should NOT use HyGenius. The toothbrush is not a toy.
  • Do not use HyGenius if you have piercings on your tongue or lips.
    Please remove these piercings before use.
Can I charge the product?
  • HyGenius has a battery inside and is not designed to be opened.
Can you tell us more about the HyGenius manufacturing facility
and safety testing?
  • HyGenius is produced by a leading manufacturer of consumer
    products and is ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 certified. The factory
    consistently passes all QC/QA, Ethical Standards, and Security audits.